Lead Web Developer New York NY

Lead Web Developer

Samiti Technology Inc.
New York NY
Job Type: Full Time
Posting Date: 7/31/2020

Job Description Designs and develops primarily Internetweb pages and applications such as e-commerce and content-driven websites. Codes, tests, debugs, documents and implements web applications using a variety of languages and platforms such as HTML, Java, PHP, JSP, Python, AJAX, Java. Script, ASP, CGI, Perl, XML. Develops proof-of-concepts and prototypes of easy to navigate user interfaces (UI) that consist of web pages with graphics, icons and color schemes that are visually appealing. Ensures that applications are compatible across multiple computing platforms and browsers. May require familiarity with streaming media concepts and techniques, including digital video and audio compression standards such as MP3, WAV and MPEG. Position responsibilities 1. Reviews system requirements and business processes often leads others in their work with code, testing, debug work, and implementing their web solutions. 2. Determines systems web design requirements and is often sharing this knowledge with their more junior peers. 3. Designs, develops, modifies, adapts and implements short and long-term solutions to information technology needs through new and existing applications, systems architecture, network systems and applications infrastructure. 4. Develops security solutions for highly complex assignments working across multiple disciplines and teams. 5. Provides web application web development services or technical support for the more difficult projects crossing various disciplines and teams in a related product or customer grouping. 6. Develops program logic for new applications or analyzes and modifies logic in existing applications. 7. Modifies existing internal web products to add to new functions, adapt to new hardware, improve performance or enhance product usability. May be asked to focus more on increased efficiency, speed or commercial marketability aspects of the product developments. 8. May participate in all aspects from detailed programming to high level system design. Will tackle the most difficult technical challenges. 9. The generalist in this function may also become involved in all aspects of a project including firmware, hardware, architecture, database warehouse and mining, database design and analysis, web development and testing. Education required Degree qualified in Computer Science, Business. Finance or related discipline, or equivalent work experience Experience Required 10+ years Certifications None Specified Core Skills Requirement Functional knowledge Requires depth andor breadth of expertise in own specialized discipline or field. Works across teams to apply conceptual knowledge to solve high level problems. As a senior contributor acts as the escalation point for both internal and external people as it relates to their discipline. Business expertise Works across discipline boundaries to further the greater agenda. Interprets internalexternal business challenges and recommends best practices to improve products, processes or services. Has vision as it relates to improvement, and furthering the offeringcreating new business opportunities. Leadership Is the team coachmentor. Develops and motivates the team for success. May lead functional teams or projects with moderate resource requirements, risk, andor complexity. Constantly strives to improve and find better ways to accomplish personal and business objectives and performance. Problem solving Leads others to solve complex problems uses sophisticated analytical thought to exercise judgment and identify innovative solutions. Sustains an environment that supports experimentation, rewards risk-taking and reinforces curiosity. Impact Impacts the achievement of customer, operational, project or service objectives work is guided by functional policies. Interpersonal skills Communicates difficult concepts and negotiates with others to adopt a different point of view. Proactively shares experiences and knowledge towards the achievement of team objectives. Shows initiative to deliver better results than expected and often offers hisher help to others in order to achieve shared goals. Technical Skills Requirements Analytical Thinking Leverages methods and approaches for data collection from other internalexternal sources and best practices to address complex problems, situations or issues. Works with large amounts of data and identifies highly complex root causes and potential implications coaches others on data synthesis and analysis. Approaches situations from a holistic perspective and considers interdependencies and the impact of actions synthesizes results and links patterns and trends. Application Development. Programming Identifies areas for improvement and develops innovative enhancements using available software development tools following design requirements of customer. Innovation and Creativity Coaches others to use a variety of techniques to produce creative and innovative ideas, and to probe barriers to progress and create new paradigms. Develops a broad network of internal and external resources for best practice research and discovering Client and useful ideas. Advocates new ideas and initiatives asks challenging and stretching questions stimulating non-traditional approaches. Internet. Web Application Development Leverages deep Internet web design and development expertise to create complex Internetweb pages and applications resolves any incompatibility issues across platforms and browsers. Technical Knowledge. Proficiency Applies functional and technical knowledge and expertise to complex, non-routine problemsissues provides guidance to other associates regarding IT trends. Combines knowledge and skills in more than one technical IT area to promote effectiveness in the business unit and enhance the IT strategy shares knowledge with the team to increase effectiveness. Employs expert knowledge of own technical areas and a broad understanding of related disciplines to create advanced programsprocesses promotes the use of best-in-class practice. Troubleshooting. Technical Support Collaborates with others across disciplines to brainstorm solutions to the most complex, uncommon problems shares outcomes with the rest of the team. Provides guidance and expertise on complex, non-routine issues redirects solution implementation if desired results were not originally met. Assesses whether issues were resolved and provides input on revising and re-implementing solutions or alternatives if problems were not fully remedied.